Wednesday, August 19, 2009

O Restless Heart Calm Down!

This darkness, it just keeps on enveloping
As if blood seeps from every pore of the night
Life throbs at such a delicate pulse
As if heavens sober up after drunken delight
Let the night's warm blood ooze some more
This darkness will blush the cheek of dawn
Morning comes, O restless heart calm down

Fetters still ring in the background of music
Chaotic, as yet, the order of cause and effect
Tears pour too in the wine filled goblets
In the wobbling of feet a regard for etiquette

At least wait for your lovers to become madly obsessed
At least wait for your taverns to resound with zest
Soon this need for a cause will evaporate as well
This respect for etiquette will evaporate as well
Even if the fetters continue, continue to ring.