Saturday, June 27, 2009

New Strategy of US in Afghanistan??


Us’s policy makers have to sort out new strategies in its war againest terrorism especially on the front of war in Afghanistan. US's war in Afghanistan, that has entered in its eighth year, is arguably at its lowest point since troops drove the Taliban from power in 2001. Throughout the country, Taliban forces are making inroads. Allied casualties are at their highest since the war began.

Factors leading to the chaos:

It is not too difficult to identify factors that have rapidly messed up the situation in Afghanistan. Among those frequently mentioned factors include the weakness of the incumbent government along with rampant corruption, the booming drug trade and the influence of drug barons on various stakeholders, weak institutions, the presence of large number of foreign forces and their indulgence in killing of innocent civilians, inability of donors to live up to their commitments, the slow reconstruction process, the increasing influence of India, the rapidly deteriorating law and order situation, vast control of the war lords and resurgence of Talibans etc.

New Strategy of President Obama for Afghanistan and Pakistan – announced on March 27, 2009

Important points:

1. The strategy starts with a clear, concise, attainable goal: disrupt, dismantle, and defeat al Qaeda and its safe heavens.
2. President will treat Afghanistan and Pakistan as two countries but one challenge. the strategy focuses more intensively on Pakistan than in the past, calling for more significant increases in U.S. and international support, both economic and military, linked to Pakistani performance against terror.
3. US will pursue intensive regional diplomacy involving all key players in South Asia and engage both countries in a new trilateral framework at the highest levels.
4. US will train and support the Afghan National Army and Afghan National Police.
5. Will Build Capacity through deployment of more troops.
6. President said, a "campaign against extremism will not succeed with bullets or bombs alone." As a part of this strategy, US will devote significantly more resources to the civilian efforts in both Afghanistan and Pakistan.
7. Will Bring new international elements to the effort- all who should have a stake in the security of the region – like NATO allies and other partners, the Central Asian states, Gulf nations, Iran, Russia, India and China.


The new Policy seems sagacious ad practical but if a bird eye review of the on going situation is taken this reality becomes quite clear that these sagacious words are just verbose sayings. On military front US is following the same old policy of “force” which is bringing chaos instead of peace. History gives evidence that there can never be a military solution in Afghanistan. US says we will talk to those who stop fighting. What are they going to talk about with those who stop fighting? They have to talk to those who are fighting because that is where the problem is.

Furthermore instead of enforcing Pakistan on the economic and military fronts US ,through drone attacks, is even weakening the staunce of Pakistan’s government.

Moreover the policy US following practically, has no comprehensive and rational political approach. Because US is trying to strengthen Karzaie regime and keeping the other groups out. It is a fact that if you keep even a single group out, you will never reach a political solution.


1.Dialogue and reconciliation with the Taliban.
2. To rebuild the Afghan social structure that's been very good at resolving and moderating conflicts.
3. Instead of puting the blame for its own internal troubles on the good intentioned Pakistanis Us should have to weakened the hands of those who do not want to see the advent of stable and friendly Afghanistan.
4. The political solution must include all political power groups, whether they are the Taliban, (Gulbuddin) Hekmatyar or (Jalaluddin) Haqqani.
5. Pakistan’s capacity should be enhanced on both economic and military fronts.
6. The idea of involving the regional countries reflects realistic approach and it is indeed useful so it must be brought into reality as soon as possible.


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